The Globalization- Septo Indarto (Team Double S)

23 Apr

The Globalization

The two questions:
1. A Simple Idea
2. A Global Idea
A globalization to make a huge changing in your job now.
You need to make an idea of your thinking. It’s the best point of yourself.
The business vision tells about your business planning
What is the environment I am in now?
Competition tells about your capability to set up your strategy and you’re planning
To become more worldly…How?
Of course you should learn:
1. The role of the Leadership
2. Languages
3. Technology
4. Seeing the worldwide
Experience is your skill and is your journey
A new world is here
Interconnection is our living and it’s our communication way
Now the virtual world has changed the worlds is in connecting
Where do you belong to? Now
In the globalization era there is one way: Seek the opportunities
Think like a Leader…Can you?
All industries need of its Leadership strength
Going where the action is
The international market is the real prize
Every company needs a Global PR campaign
You should know the key point. The management strategy is being implemented to fix all problems by getting solutions.

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