Respect Septo Indarto (Team Double S)

21 Feb

Septo Indarto (Team Double S)

Did you ever work colleague you respect and appreciate what he has done to help you. Attitude to respect and appreciate it’s important to develop themselves, without mutual respect and appreciate it very difficult to grow a work environment, including the work environment that you are experiencing.
Appreciate and respect their work requires a sincere attitude, because it concerns the relationship of trust and a deep personal working environment. Work environment requires mutual respect and appreciate one another, without it was all done things that have no meaning anything. Since we no longer have the spirit of togetherness again in a braid.
If you are a leader attitude to give respect and honor to your subordinates, it will make them happy and will appreciate and respect you as a leader. This will create a strong personal relationship with each other and allows us to work together to achieve success today and in the future.
Employees feel happy if their leaders give mutual respect and honor, this is a very positive thing. Employees will also be pleased to develop themselves in order to improve their work productivity. A strong relationship between employees and subordinates will create a better work productivity, all the goals that have been agreed together will be achieved with strong teamwork.
As we often hear in the motivation of the management that the employee is a valuable asset to the company, this is the right thing, the company also must be able to respect and value the employees, as this will result in appropriate measures to build mutual trust with each other. Employees will feel pleased and happy, they will feel that the company they work like a second home, they would like to work and show the totality of the work to the company.
Leaders who are able to provide a positive motivation to employees will reap great results, because it involves the mutual respect and appreciation. Employees are a big family, where they have a bond of brotherhood with each other their workplace. Providing motivation is the right thing when the pressure of the job is getting bigger and boredom started to hit each employee. From time to time problems encountered will be increasingly large and complex, it takes courage to take a stand, give the employee to be able to resolve any problems they face to behave like that you also appreciate and respect your employees.
Discuss the day’s work to find the right solution between employees and leaders is one way to create cohesion team work, this is a routine that we often do but can create mutual respect and respect for one another. This is a simple step but it will boost the company’s performance, they are given the right direction and create employee motivation as a smart and capable of working to the company’s productivity.
Professional relationship between employees and subordinates based on the mutual respect and appreciation are the right steps to create a conducive working atmosphere and will create a solid work team performance. Companies need employees who have the dedication and responsibility for their work. Employees need a company that can appreciate their work and respect for themselves as an important part of the organization.


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