East Asia Japan and its future

19 Feb

East Asia
Japan and its future
Septo Indarto (Team Double S)

Japan is still regarded and respected as a strong state in East Asia, Japan was the first Asian country that is parallel to the western countries of Europe and America in the field of economic prosperity, so that the Japanese called developed countries. But now Japan is not a major force again the East Asia region. China and South Korea has become a powerful state in the economy, like Japan forty years ago. China continues to be a new power in East Asia in economic and military, a South Korean industrial countries where its products currently able to compete with Japanese quality products in the world market. South Korea has transformed the company became an advanced industrial countries and continues to enhance its position as one of the developed countries with the development of industrial and technological research.
Japan is currently experiencing a lot of setbacks in manufacturing capability. Japanese manufacturing products get serious rival of manufactured products made in China, South Korea and Taiwan. Japan such as loss of power, unlike in 1970-1990, Japan is a strong country, they are very strong industry skills and gain international recognition. Currently, the ability is still there, but gone downhill ability, this is a serious problem in the long run, which Japan has been experiencing a serious economic stagnation and real, various attempts have been made but the results are far from satisfactory.
Currently the number of workers in the manufacturing sector in Japan has fallen to below 10 million people; this is the first time in fifty years. The number of people working in the manufacturing sector has dropped to 9.98 million, and it is a very low since 1961. Currently, the Japanese government continues to issue a wide range of policies to encourage the manufacturing sector has long been the mainstay of Japan’s most advanced industrial countries. But the Japanese manufacturing firms apparently taking steps to set up manufacturing plants to other countries for assembly of the goal to cut the operational costs.
Japan is working hard on how to create a policy that can sustain manufacturing companies remain in Japan. If the Japanese manufacturing firms continue to invest abroad and build new manufacturing plants overseas then many people will lose their jobs. So that the economy will continue to slowly move towards the recovery process. Deflation (falling prices) is still going on and the economy is not moving at all, if this continues to happen in the long run this will be a red flag for the Japanese government, in particular the new government formed under the leadership of Shinzo Abe.
The new government under Prime Minister Shinzo Abe continues to have a program that will improve the economy, the Japanese government trying to expand government spending and monetary easing. The goal that the economy can bounce back. It takes time and hard work, because it would involve the Japanese economy now and in the future. But Japan continues to race against time to solve all the problems at hand. Because the Japanese realize that the strength of the region has changed today, where would many Asian countries will be the industrial countries and will compete with each other in the industry to sell their products, Japan must be prepared to change, because Asia has been transformed as a world economic power, of which Japan is a leader in the past, but now China and South Korea managed to become a leader in the region’s economy and manufacturing industry.


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