Luiz Felipe Scolari The Second term for His Self Septo Indarto (Team Double S)

4 Feb

Luiz Felipe Scolari
The Second term for His Self
Septo Indarto (Team Double S)

In the history of Brazilian football he is a great man because he had brought samba Brazilian team won the 2002 World Cup, this guy has a body the size of a large high but have great vision in football, he is Luiz Felipe Scolari or known by the name of the famous is Big Phil. Big Phil is the right person for the job as coach of the second term as the football coach for Brazil for the 2014 World Cup which will take place in Brazil. Brazil is the host and wants to show football in the typical style of Samba attack but can dance beautifully on the field. The Brazilian team has play well but also beautiful because football is a sport, exercise with a touch of art, thinking about strategy, see the long-term vision to create a strong team.
Big Phil has a very short time to train the Brazilian team which is about one and a half years, it is a very short time to train a large team to a distressing event like the World Cup. Brazilian society wants his favorite team to win the world, because Brazil has a lot of new star players and they have great skill outstanding in the field, Big Phil will build a new generation of Brazilian teams Neymar is now where the new star at this time, not again Ronaldo and Ronaldinho. It is a great responsibility in creating a great team in a different generation. Big Phil had to create a team with a winning mentality and able to score a victory in every game.
Looking for a great player in Brazil is easy, Brazil is a country with a Samba dance and beautiful football, great players are born with high technique. The Brazilian player is a player who has a great skill, they are able to play beautiful football, creating a consistent cooperation for 90 minutes, have a strong running speed, able to create a lot of opportunities to create a goal, has many beautiful variations of the attack, the players have a long-range shot that can create many the beautiful goals. Here’s an overview of the Brazilian national team. Big Phil has to create a solid team, having great attack power, has a strong physical, can score goals against your opponent.
Brazil of course is the toughest rival Spain. The Spanish team is a perfect team, all the lines move with the dynamic, have strong teamwork, have strong stamina to run for 90 minutes, the players know exactly what kind of strategy should be played and they can change the pattern of the game quickly to adjust situation, of course, to get the victory.
For Big Phil’s World Cup 2002 in Japan-South Korea is memorable for him and the Brazilian national team. 2014 World Cup is a huge responsibility for Big Phil, Can Big Phil created a new history for the two World Cup and the Brazil national team win the World Cup 2014. The answer is on his self-Big Phil.


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