Job For Power Development of Ourselves Septo Indarto (Team Double S)

3 Feb

Job For Power Development of Ourselves
Septo Indarto (Team Double S)

Often times people find work is now being cultivated are not suitable or of necessity than not having a job, but now that we are not self-employed find work very hard. Work is a process that takes time, but we ourselves should have a goal to achieve what we want in a job, it is a process of self-training ourselves to be more mature in order to achieve our goals in life and work.
We must continue to move forward and look to the future, we must continue to improve our skills and increase knowledge in improving the skills of our current and future, avoid safety zone that will make us lazy to develop themselves, time will turn, life will go, make us a target to achieve success in our work, our work is our strength to grow.
In this work we also must take care of myself, because this is very important not to interfere with our productivity, job pressure is very heavy and often make ourselves stress, because the tasks assigned to an enormous and never finished, the best thing is that the task should be we are working on is a mandate, so we are very mild step to complete the work was not carried into a very heavy burden.
Working with achieving a goal is a step better than working without salary purposes only thought will be accepted. In our work will always be a high motivation, goals, undergo a process running. The goal is only one how we can resolve all of the job well and satisfactorily in accordance with the targets we have set.
Make your personal vision in your work as well in line with the vision of the company, it will allow us to pursue a career towards a better present and future. We must do something for ourselves, reaching a heyday self (Self Glory), careful planning must be made for ourselves, it is because we have to continue to survive when competition will always bring positive side (Able to follow) and a negative side ( Not being able to follow it).
Time will continue to run, while spinning like clockwork, will be many events that we will experience in running a wheel of life, but we have to do is Can we be the best among the best when time is running, while the other side will be increasingly fierce competition as well as technology for office will be growing, could we be a leader for ourselves and others? This is what we should ponder.
In the progress of time, a lot of things we can learn now and in the future, changes, known as change management we will face, whether we are ready for a change or feel threatened by the change. Needed mental health and a positive mindset in seeing a change. It requires a thorough preparation for ourselves, Can we live.
In the era of the 21st century, we must not forget to always learn about the development of technology that is around us, especially in the work environment, because it is very useful to increase the productivity of our work to achieve the goals we will achieve, we work to achieve the target , make a simple and easy targets to be achieved, the technology will help us to achieve it. Technology will continue to evolve, we must continue to learn, technology will offer new things to improve our productivity at work.


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