Efficiency Septo Indarto (Team Double S)

3 Feb

Septo Indarto (Team Double S)

The efficiency of this word is now extremely popular around the world, when the economic crisis hit the world, many companies are doing efficiency, from the operating budget reduced by layoffs because the company was no longer able to give salaries to their employees, continuous profits fall while losses become a threat any time, efforts were made by the top management to be able to withstand the tough environment, a variety of strategies to survive is applied, there are a few companies that managed to overcome these difficulties and there are some companies that do not manage to overcome the difficulties that eventually went bankrupt and adding State expense due to increased unemployment of the employees who have high productivity, and this is a problem and a new burden.
There is one thing that should be noted and a big concern for all of the company: economic crisis that occurred because of the situation the country has been in crisis, the State is no longer able to provide what should be a duty to manage the economy, thus causing the business world come to influence, this we can see the Spain State and the Greece State. The government deficit in both State (Total revenue money coming less than expenditures spent for operational purposes) to require financial assistance from international financial institutions.
The strategy is often applied to improve efficiency, the efficiency is saving movement, but there are things that should be known, the movement of the savings to be made with the implementation of the right not to affect the ability of the business in the short and long term, this is very dangerous because it will lead to huge losses to companies. Efficiency should be disseminated to employees first, of course, a lot of changes will be made:
1. Reduced the company’s operating budget.
2. Reduced salaries and employee benefits.
3. Dissolving division multiple departments that are no longer needed because it will increase operational costs.
4. Saving electricity and water usage.
5. Reduced of purchase of tools for office.
Dialogue between top management and employees should be done transparently. Efficiency is often said to be very painful, because a lot of the reduced monthly fee and also changes in the organizational structure. This change was made to the savings and the ability to survive the company to keep on the move today and in the future. Changes in working patterns will certainly happen, but the more important is the ability of all staff to quickly to adopt with these changes, because this is also related to the productivity of employees, top management should see a change in style of this work is making progress or create a setback. Do not let all the efficiency by implementing a change in the absence of control, the productivity of the staff who work decreased, Top Management is not able to create a conducive working environment for all employees and grounded its efficiency.
It should be noted in efficiency is the right mindset, the efficiency of the work done to the change in style towards a better direction, not because of the economic situation is difficult and affects the business world, is to be adopted by the top management in all companies. Countries in crisis affecting the world economy and businesses but companies should rise up in these conditions, it is more important. Top management must create change more productive work force and create new rules that are more innovative and motivated members to employees that we do efficiency for the company to redesign the company’s strategy for the present and the future in order to increase profits so that they can create products new, more appropriate to the times and be accepted by the market.
Efficiency means redesigning the strategy to be implemented, motivating employees to change in a more flexible work style, look for new opportunities in a difficult situation, creating new work productivity better.
The important thing is creating fficiency to do the best for now and the future.
Create a culture of transparency between the top management and the staff to create two-way communication with full transparency.

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