Android It’s More Winning Septo Indarto (Team Double S)

2 Feb

Android It’s More Winning
Septo Indarto (Team Double S)

Android has already won the competition in the technology world, Apple and Blackberry are declared defeated in technology innovation and sales, Android is an open draw many software developers to develop technology skills, while on the other hand the development of innovative hardware for the Android OS continues.
Market research agency IDC in November 2012 reported that in the third quarter, Android devices have been successfully controlled 75 percent of the world market, well above Apple’s iOS came in second with 14.9 percent.
Google is doing what has been done by Microsoft, Google took a lot of software technology vendors and hardware technology for Android devices, the technology vendors are welcome to freely develop innovation capabilities but still using Android as an OS either on the phone or on the PC tablet.
Technology vendors with whom Google is a giant company, namely Samsung, LG, HTC, Acer, Asus, Sony, Toshiba, Fujitsu, Motorola etc.. They are welcome to develop their own branding, given the freedom to develop better technology. It is not owned by Apple and Blackberry, they play alone. Meanwhile, after the death of Steve Jobs, Apple runs a bit slow innovation, develops technologies Blackberry BBM only, while consumers want a change in the use of gadgets, Android managed to answer all the desires of consumers.
I was a fan since the first Apple computer graphics, but since Samsung has developed its own computer technology, I became a fan of Samsung. Samsung has a remarkable ability to innovate, in my Lap Top Lap Top Samsung one of the best in the market in addition to Lenovo, Fujitsu, Asus etc.. While Samsung is given the freedom to develop innovations in mobile phone and tablet PC, Samsung is the company best equipped to be the leader in all lines, since Samsung manufactures the most complete in the manufacturing technology.
Before there is conflict concerning copyright in court, Apple’s component products made by Samsung, this is a fact, Apple provides the best, Samsung provides innovation. Samsung also successfully developed a tablet PC of the Galaxy family as a long-term innovation development of the Android OS, it is not recognized by the company Apple, the Samsung has a better development capabilities in terms of technology and kept going.
On the other hand, Samsung is also developing the technology development for branding their own software for the computer, Tablet PC and Mobile. So Samsung is working independently. So it’s easier for them to look at all aspects of the market, is not recognized by Apple in the long run, Apple is quite dependent on the ideas of Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs is a man who is rich in ideas, but to realize his idea, he needs to develop Apple’s partner companies, such as Samsung to supply high quality level components.
Only after Android product sold in the market, where Samsung Galaxy became an icon in the world, Apple is aware of the power of Samsung’s management is more crazy and great. Samsung has been a great force in all lines of technology, a competitor in the segment was puzzled what to be prepared for Samsung. Samsung has the TV, computer, washing machine, refrigerator, air conditioner etc.. Samsung is also developing technology development super-advanced building construction, we can see in the Gangnam area in Seoul, Dubai and other major cities in the world.
In microprocessor technology, Samsung continues to enhance its capabilities, it also makes Intel alert, AMD also continues peek Samsung capabilities. In the future, Google-Samsung duet can replace the Windows-Intel duo for computer systems, while for mobile phone and tablet PC, duet Google-Samsung has been very solid, but Samsung will keep going they already have the technologies of the future and to determine the development future technology.


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