How to Be A Good Manager Leadership and Vision-Mission By Septo Indarto (Team Double S)

28 Jan

How to Be A Good Manager
Leadership and Vision-Mission
By Septo Indarto (Team Double S)

Honestly, being a great manager is a dream dreamed by everyone as being in charge of a company where the person is working. Being a great manager means you successfully lead the company in accordance with the plans that have been made targets in order to achieve success, it is actually a great manager you must have the first one is the Soul Leadership, the ability to lead and the second is the vision and mission that you create for companies, ie companies in which direction will be taken in the future and what should be done by the company if the company wants to exist and the top in the business to be run.
Of course the two things are not easy to run both Leadership Life and Vision and Mission Statement. Since both the process and it requires a long time. But that should be emphasized in this case is the entire staff in the office or company must have the same mindset about those two things to understand Leadership of the manager and the company’s vision and mission.
Bill Gates led the company Microsoft Leadership had a soul that can be understood by its staff, so that the soul can be used as an example of leadership by their subordinates. Bill Gates has always emphasized on the vision and mission of the company, that Microsoft will bring any computer to any home and the mission will continue creating software (Software) is easy to use by everyone.
To get a career as a manager is not easy because you have to go through a career path in the company other than that you have to show a good work performance. But his career as managers could be obtained when an employee has shown his talent in the field of work that they do. He has a great achievement in its work. But just having a good achievement is not enough he must show that he has the soul of Leadership (Leadership) means he is ready and able to manage and guide subordinates. Usually a staff gain promotion as a manager between the ages of 35-40 years with a previous position is supervisor level, because among that age an individual has shown maturity as a leader. So it is not wrong if there is a saying life begins at the age of 40. Because in the age of an individual that shows maturity.
The managers also have to be able to design marketing strategies companies are up to date. It is very important and it is an urgent necessity. Remember the tastes of consumers from time to time will always change and no one could ever predict. The thing to do is to conduct regular market surveys and to review periodically the company marketing strategy. Because only the steps we can devise appropriate marketing strategies to continue to exist in the area of business that we’re in..
Apple Computer is one example of a company that understands the needs of consumers. When the 1970’s, Apple Computer successfully created and launched the iMac, Apple has made a revolution in computer graphics later era of the 1980s was followed by its competitors, namely Microsoft with its Windows program. In the 1990s, Apple had redesigned back iMac both software programs and computer case. Consumers interested in a software program that is easy to use and unique physical casing. Eventually the consumer computer (Computer User) many who buy iMac computer as a unique alternative. Later in the 2000s Apple Computer launched the iPod as a music player lat i-pod soon became a global phenomenon unique and extraordinary for the music lovers and global trends may exceeds iPod Walkman Sony Electronic issued late 1970’s. In 2007, Apple re-issued a unique mobile phone product named iPhone, before the widely marketed, the production i-phone has become a discussion area for technology lovers. Because it offers a multimedia revolution for mobile phones.
What do Steve Jobs, the boss and founder of Apple Computer is the right step for a manager who has the soul of leadership and vision and mission for the modern company. For nearly 20 years Steve Jobs at Apple Computer company has offered the technology revolution to the general public around the world. Apple Computer has become a way of life for modern society and also contribute something of value important to the civilization of modern society, which is a multimedia computer technology.
A manager should also have a great team. Due to the great team that a manager will get success. You may have the view that a great team is a solid team and it’s true, how can we as managers can succeed without a solid team and it is very improbable. Great team and a solid team capable of implementing business ideas from his superiors in the field so that the communication is built to run smoothly. But a great team and a solid team must also provide advice to managers regarding what strategy is best applied. You as a manager should be willing to listen and not be selfish because they think you are a boss and they are a subordinate. The key to good communication between you as a manager and your team is a success. Therefore, create a team of people who are qualified.

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