How to Develop Yourself By Septo Indarto (Team Double S)

18 Jan

How to Develop Yourself (Team Double S)

By Septo Indarto


Walt Disney said: All dreams can come true, if we dare to pursue them.

The dream of every person. The dream is a motivation for success. But the most important thing is your personal vision. Personal vision is how you see the future. Describe a personal vision of how you achieve your mission in the long run. How do see the future. Individual’s personal vision describes where to go to go to, the values ​​and principles that guide you, something that you believe in, what is to be realized in something you believe in, what is to be achieved in life but in the long run. Personal vision is a long road that will lead you to your dreams. Personal vision can be a force for yourself for a trip in the future.

Of course you need a step to make it happen, it is the action step. Action requires a hard job because there is not an instant action to move. According to eastern philosophy, people who have vision is a wise person (knowledgeable), while those who do not have vision is blind and does not care (not knowledgeable).

Personal mission and vision must start with the demand. Needs to be advanced intellectually and emotionally. It requires:

1. Motivation from within.

2. Self-awareness

3. Imagination

4. Conscience

‘Only successful people are motivated from within him to succeed.

The first American President George Washington wanted to see the newly born country called America will be a country that respected one day although he did not see it because it’s gone.

Bill Gates had a vision of the future with dreams wants to see PCs to be in every home and every person able to use it.

Henry Ford was the first in the world to do the assembly mass production cars. So many people, especially in America to buy a car for mass production. Car transport everyone to ultimately improve the American economy. Ford became the first company in the world that can produce and enhance mass car assembly.

Matshushita founder Konosuke Matshushita Group is an extraordinary person. He can balance between western rationalism and eastern spritualism. His vision at that, intuitively, not analytically is I look forward to the changes that will occur in the community and I will continue to create something that could be needed in the next century.

Once again I remind vision is vital to our existence. Without vision the world in our lives we will be empty. The vision is a compass (a guidance tool) to us so that no wrong steps. The vision will guide us to realize our dreams. Our dream is a big thing in our lives.

Human civilization was built by people who have a vision long ago. If people do not have a vision of human progress can not be built in building civilization.

Prophet Muhammad said study about science. Science makes the owner can distinguish right and wrong, knowledge is light to heaven. Science is your friend in the desert, in the silence, our companion when no friends, the road to happiness, make us steadfast in adversity, ornament among friends and weapon against the enemy. Seek knowledge to China.

In the Hindu scriptures, the Vedas, personal vision associated with self-knowledge. In the teachings of Buddhism is wisdom. Personal vision makes us stronger because it will make us successful to realize our ideals.


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