Why Social Media Selected As a Means of Promotion Septo Indarto (Team Double S)

17 Jan

Why Social Media Selected As a Means of Promotion

Septo Indarto (Team Double S)


Social media is now selected as a promotional tool because it can create a strong interaction between the customer and the company. Companies using social media not just for promotional purposes, but also for the benefit of the survey, about the products desired by consumers, the most important thing is communication between companies and consumers to complement each other, which means that consumers buy the product because it wanted and indispensable, while the manufacturers sell the product because it is needed by consumers. Social media is a powerful tool to introduce branding to consumers a wider, because there is no barrier anymore. This is an appropriate marketing strategy for the marketer to create new marketing strategies and the emotional attachment of its customers.

Branding of Maintaining in the era of the information economy is not easy, because it will be more and more new products emerge with new innovations that ultimately lead to competitive advantage in the search of new consumers. It happened in the world of technology, where many technology companies are ups and downs to keep their branding in the market, as an example of technology Blackberry (RIM) will lose the market in 2013 and Google’s Android will prevail chosen role as a consumer smartphone.

Branding will be lost in the market because consumers already do not like it, decrease the amount of product sales, increased costs of production, failure of the promotion, the company went bankrupt. Today branding is not introduced only through the mass media and electronic media that is one-way communication, but through the medium of the Internet that has two-way communication, consumers are also demanding products that they buy must have advantages compared to similar products on the market.

Social Media is currently used by large companies, large companies continue to improve the quality of marketing and continue to create new strategies to enhance the marketability of their products, Samsung and Apple although the two companies are still fighting in the courts, but it has a marketing strategy very exciting to reach a broader consumer. Apple and Samsung are always offering the latest innovations from the products they create, they play in the same area that the technology industry, has excellent human resources, they see the market as a space for innovation.

Forbes Magazine Forbes Insight in a report (Turn) reported the company will allocate about 10-29% of marketing budgets on social media and this will be even greater, it applies to large and small companies. Social Media is interactive because communication offered is two-way, between consumers and producers. Manufacturers can also provide information about new products that will be sold and the time is very fast. Social Media such as Facebook has 552 million active users (950 million numbers overall) is an effective media campaign to reach a broader consumer from various countries.

Maintaining branding in a long time and is still known by the public is not an easy task today, very heavy, this is a very challenging task for the marketer, today many marketers also use Twitter with about 170 million active users, Twitter is also a highly effective promotional tool in the era of digital marketing, reaching consumers in large numbers, we just give a link to the character as much as 140 characters.




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