Why Social Media Selected As a Means of Promotion (2) Septo Indarto (Team Double S)

17 Jan

Why Social Media Selected As a Means of Promotion (2)

Septo Indarto (Team Double S)


Social media is not just a mere promotional tool, but also as a tool to engage the consumer know that the product is properly used and well known manufacturers of the author. Consumers need to know why this product is really needed by consumers and the reason why manufacturers create products for sale to consumers. Consumers have a variety of choices on the market they are free to choose the product that will be purchased, but one thing to consider is whether consumers really have the right to choose the products that are actually in the voting, it’s not an easy choice their customers require enough information to know. Social media can provide information to consumers, quickly, cheaply and can be up to date information at all times.

Social media is media that is appropriate to discuss with the customer about the products that have been used and the advantages and disadvantages that can improve the quality improvement. Marketing expert Philip Kotler world see that today is collaborative marketing, it means the product will be made will involve consumers, is expected to be no consensus or common ground between businesses and consumers about a product.

In the marketing world of the 2000s era, it is important to involve consumers as user experience, because they speak the truth about the quality of the products they buy. Consumers could also be volunteer marketing, but it can not be enforced, a volunteer marketing because consumers are satisfied and feel the usefulness of the resulting products. In a product-focused Marketing 1.0, Marketing 2.0 focuses on the principles of marketing, marketing 3.0 focuses on the manufacture of products desired by consumers.

Singapore Airlines and Kidzania are companies that successfully implement these concepts in the implementation of Marketing 3.0. Consumers feel in sapa, serviced, and cared for his needs. Consumers are very much appreciated, this is great because it creates a strong relationship at the level of deep emotion. Consumers are invited to experience a different and asked their ideas for further product development services. The ability to serve well is also a good marketing, servicing means giving heart and smile and move quickly what is required by the consumer.



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