Innovation is the Leading Line To Win a Competition By Septo Indarto (Team Double S)

17 Jan

Innovation is the Leading Line To Win a Competition

By Septo Indarto (Team Double S)

Innovation is something that can not be delayed or compromised by a company to win the competition for market share in an increasingly competitive. Moreover, in the 21st century is the century of innovation, supported by advances in information technology and the development of science is very fast and never imagined in our minds about the process is so fast.

In won the competition, innovative companies must strengthen the quality of its human resources in the Department of Marketing and the Department of Research and Development (R & D). Both of these departments will be the spearhead of the company. Marketing departments should have a strong Marketer to promote the company’s products to consumers. While the Department of Research and Development must have a fixed strategy and ripe to create new products that can be accepted by the market. And that should be the most important thing is communication between the Department of Marketing and Research and Development Department should be intensive, so a new product created by the Department of Research and Development can be directly marketed by the Marketing Department, Marketing Department must also complete a detailed explanation is given by the Ministry of Research and Development. Thus, in marketing activities can freely explain the company’s products to consumers.

In this presentation we will discuss about the company and the development of innovations that Toyota used the concept of SMART.

Toyota Company

Toyota Motor Company (TMC) was established in September 1933 when the Toyota Automatic Loom establish a division that produces cars under the direction of Kiichiro Toyota, 21 934 in the year, the company produced the machine type A is used as the A1 passenger car in May 1935 and the G1 truck months of 1935. And the mass production of passenger cars Toyota AA models that began in 1936.

Now Toyota is a car company that is highly profitable acquisition profits compared to Ford, GM, Chrysler. Toyota under the command of Fujio Cho wants to be a leader in class global automotive brand. He is a man of Toyota intact. Because throughout his life has been spent to serve and work at Toyota. He is an alumni of University of Tokyo, and in college he majored in legal science, not the science of management. However Fujio Cho is very interested in the car business. Under the guidance of Taichi Ohno, who created the Toyota Production System (internal guidelines regarding the efficient production that changed the automotive industry). Cho taught about the need to have flexible attitude and forward-looking.

Fujio Cho before becoming President of Toyota, has been assigned to several countries, among others, he had served in Georgetown, Kentucky, United States in 1988. At this time the Toyota plant in Georgetown, Kentucky, is the largest factory of Toyota in the United States and also produces luxury sedan Camry. In the 1990s, under the leadership of Cho Toyota booming sales in the United States and continues to haunt the big three Detroit sales. Toyota Americans continue to make improvements themselves, one of them responds Cho pickup developing an eight-cylinder engine and fix flaws in a massive factory in San Antonio.

In Cambridge, Ontario, Canada, Cho did a lot of changes to make the concept of a more radical change, he wants a revolution to improve the quality of Toyota in the entire line system. For Example SUV Lexus RX 330 production began in Cambridge on 26 September 2003, Cho gives an opportunity to compete for every Toyota plant in many countries. If the Canadian workforce can deliver the same quality as their counterparts in Japan, the Toyota will reduce shipping costs by moving production to a Lexus sedan market that sells a lot of these cars.

The bosses of Japan has made employment in Canada show their best. A total of 700 workers in line RX 330 for 12 weeks training, including training in Japan for 200 people between them. There, the Canadian workforce is managed to beat the Japanese team in the assessment of quality artificial a car of Lexus. Cambridge, has raised the standard Pakayoke (Actions Error Free). This factory introduces circle L station where workers have to re-check the parts again during this complain by customers-everything from the glove box to the suspension system.

Toyota has launched a joint program with its suppliers to cut the number of steps required to make the car as well as spare parts. And has managed to cut the cost of $ 2.6 billion from $ 113 billion (2002) without any cost manufacturing plant closures and layoffs.

Toyota is making a plan to create an integrated system of global manufacturing and efficiently implemented plant in Indonesia to Argentina. And the factory can align cars for the local market and meet the global demand. For example, local markets and meet their needs in Europe, so they can save $ 1 billion, which is usually needed to build a new factory.

Toyota also intends to enter the market segment of young people are young professionals aged 35 years. Because as long as the market is dominated by BMW. Means Toyota should pay more attention to the quality of design and quality of a good engine. Even BMW is a symbol of the success of young professionals.

We know that if you can do it right, we might be able to build other Lexus models, a worker at the Lexus line.


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