Based Economy of Going Green Septo Indarto (Team Double S)

17 Jan

Based Economy of Going Green

Septo Indarto (Team Double S)


Based economy going green (or equally popular green economy) has urged applied for development purposes. Climate change is making weather patterns change resulted in a lot of natural disasters around the world, how many people died, how many material losses to be borne, how much loss of material due to the construction temporarily halted. It is examples that have occurred around us. A strong commitment to implement actions based economy Going Green in every country.

It needs a new strategy in designing the development, which should be widely used materials that are environmentally friendly to produce and use. Climate change can not be taken lightly by everyone, because it has created a lot of material loss, such as crop failures, extreme weather, natural disasters come suddenly, it all must be aware of. Two decades ago on the first Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro have addressed the issue, then the Kyoto protocol, but all are very weak in the stage of action and implementation for economic interests both in developed countries and in developing countries.

When global warming is a hot issue, the whole world was shocked, we are entering an era where natural life cycle that is set by nature suddenly changed and also changed the balance of nature, industrusi-manufacturing industries around the world must have a new innovation in designing their products to more friendly to nature, this is a very urgent that we desperately need, the world is experiencing extreme climate change that could threaten life on earth.

The most important thing in the Going Green-based economic development is how each country is able to quickly overcome poverty and provide access to education and food security needs, from the beginning of the new economic sense based on Going Green. Every person in the world has the right to gain access to the fullest information about Going Green-based economy, it is the duty of all governments around the world, because we all have a great responsibility to preserve and save the environment.

WWF (World Wildlife Fund): In the last 20 years about 30 million hectares of rainforest in Brazil destroyed, carbon emissions increased by 40 percent, destroyed biodiversity, one of six malnourished.

There are approximately 900 million people are malnourished and in danger of dying of hunger, one billion people lacking / not to consume clean water, 2.6 billion people live without sanitation. It is a question of old (classical problem) but to date, we have not been able to complete these important tasks, how to raise the standard of living many people into a better rate.

Technological innovation in a wide range of industries currently have certification regarding Going Green, private parties throughout the world is also partly responsible for the increasing awareness of the prevention of the destruction of nature, this is a good move. But the most important thing is that there is a standardized international standards concerning certification of Going Green, may the union of nations would realize this, if necessary union of nations as the official institution that would provide certification Going Green, so the rules become clearer and each State have the same rules to each other.

Professor Elimar Pinheiro Nascimento of the Center for Sustainable Development of the University of Brasilia said: There are a number of improvements since the Earth Summit in 1996, for example, with the development of production technology that requires less energy, but the amount of raw materials that are produced are bigger, therefore it needs the wisdom of all parties, both in developing and developed countries. In taking this step together.

The deal with is how to reduce waste, fossil energy, carry out research for clean energy development, eradicate poverty, provide ease of access to education to people in need. Both developed and developing countries must agree to equally walking toward Going Green-based economy as a consensus must be complied with and exchange experiences, particularly in the transfer of technology on how to create products based on environmentally friendly.

Developed countries are most prepared to implement an economic program based on Going Green is the Scandinavian countries, these countries have long run economic concept based environment. America as a country despite forward stride late, fitting new administration of President Barack Obama’s economic development based on the concept of Going Green began to be implemented, and the Obama administration to provide assistance for research to universities and industry.


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