The Transparent Leader Septo Indarto (Team Double S)

16 Jan

The Transparent Leader

Septo Indarto (Team Double S)

Many employees who work one company actually want a company headed by a manager who has openness. Transparent Leader always think about integrity. Because integrity is an important value. Transparent Leader thinks:

1. The strategy will be implemented to improve the performance of the company.

2. The best thing for employees.

The Transparent Leader to ask themselves: Do I have to be honest to myself? Did I do the best for the company? Are the men I work with honesty? Do my employees have been living well?

According to Herb Baum being a good leader is the only way to develop employees based on integrity is by trying hard. They also know that a culture of openness each employee to recognize the problem and talk about mistakes. They are trained to act honestly in the works.

Personal development is a very important part for planting integrity. You’ll see a lot of personality and background, you will face challenges. If the employee makes a mistake then you can discuss with the employee, why do you make such a mistake? Then find a solution.

Transparent Leaders must also learn to listen, what is going on around him. Good listening skills are an important component of leadership. You have to venture down to the ground to listen to the information you receive. Do not you listen to information from others. You must be willing to hear the good and bad information. You need to know a whole on issues that develop. We must dialogue with all employees and be able to make the employees to discuss and communicate with you.

What are their problems, what they’re dealing with? Your job is to listen and find solutions together.

The ability to hear means that you are able to hear all the problems. It will create a good communication.

When you dare to take a position as a manager then you should be prepared to accept any input ideas from all employees.

You can make a lunch with the employees. Exchanging stories with them about yourself and themselves. Because being open and ready to receive is a good way to hone your skills and how to communicate.

In a luncheon with employees, you can tell things are lightweight and can be listened to input from employees. Informal atmosphere can make communication more honest because there is no barrier. This is a great way to build a culture of communication in a parallel position so that it can know directly what is desired by the employees. We can immediately find out the problem and get the answer.

Listening can provide information that you never knew so make your horizons will increase. This is a good step to improve your company’s productivity.

Transparent Leader would be more proactive to hear. People will judge you with high value. That value is honesty and will make employees and investors trust you in running the business.


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