Team Building Becomes Team Work to Achieve Being Qualified Teams Septo Indarto (Team Double S)

16 Jan

Team Building Becomes  Team Work to Achieve Being Qualified Teams

Septo Indarto (Team Double S)


Building a Team Work quality is great hope of every organization. Good team work in the wake of a Team Building that contains people who have high motivation, vision and mission to succeed in the future, good communication among fellow members. To build a team that works Team Building to be built quality. Team Building is fundamental to be built. Team Building is an important factor in any environment. Because the focus is building specialized teams that qualified in Team Work, Team Building therefore very important for self development, positive communication within the organization, hone leadership skills and ability to work together as a team in creating solutions. Team Work can not run if the formation of Team Building is not filled by qualified people. Challenges in Team Building is an effective way to make the team in any organization, so that when an organization is run Team Work can be run effectively.

In the case of the formation of Team Building we could see the football team Manchester United and Ajax Amsterdam in search of talent. Both clubs are always to regenerate the players to maintain the quality of Team Work, Team Building built since filled by people who are motivated and qualified in terms of physical and intellectual. Coaching from an early age is the pattern. Management in the wake of modern football and solid with an organization, so the players are trained to be a soccer player and also forged with Leadership, team work, effective communication, and motivation to become the best football player.

Building a strong team will create a Work Team can work with achieve the desired target.

Why do we have to create a strong Team Building Team Work to create quality.

Building a strong team is built for:

1. Creating stronger teamwork.

2. Improve communication

3. Motivating the team

4. Good communication

5. All team members are treated equally

6. Creating vision and mission as a team

7. Learn strategies to achieve team goals

8. Practicing effective teamwork with fellow team members

9. Learn the strengths and weaknesses of the team

10. Improving team productivity


Creating a Strong Team Building is very important in any situation as a mission work will create a professional Team Work in doing any work.

Team Building is the foundation, while Team Work is when the team is working.

Building Team was created to accomplish a goal. The purpose was used as the reference organization. Therefore there must be a leader who has a great influence. The purpose of the exercise is to build a team to build a team for a unit that can work with each other to complete the task. It’s very important to do when Team Building Team Work then becomes a task to be executed can be done well.

Orchestra is a group must be created beforehand Team Building strong. Definitely will be a rigorous selection to recruit people to become members of the team are the musicians who should have competence as a musician. Should be designated a musical conductor who can handle the team is about teamwork, when the orchestra group into a team work. A conductor who can be trusted to be a leader must be able to recognize the character of each of the musicians, orchestra groups that aim to work with the well so that it can create quality music that will always be played. An orchestra group should be able to play different kinds of music from classical, jazz, pop, tango, blues, country, rock. The task of a leader is to create a solid Team Work in performing the task, namely to play a quality music. A conductor must be communicative when discussing with the musicians to take the advice that is used as an input.

Work teams that work should have interpersonal skills:

1. Communication.

2. Negotiations.

3. Motivation.

4. Leadership

5. Vision and Mission

It is very important to improve the performance of a team.

Team Work must also be strong in making a planning objective is to ensure that the task to be done to run smoothly. Planning is very essential for the Team Work always work according to the plan are made.


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