Manufacturing sector is the mainstay for Export Septo Indarto (Team Double S)

16 Jan

Manufacturing sector is the mainstay for Export

Septo Indarto (Team Double S)


Indonesia is known to have natural resources abundant outstanding and this is a good thing to support economic growth now and in the future also. Indonesia must continue to focus on building the industry sector that will become an economic power. High economic growth will be supported by the ability of the manufacturing sector and domestic demand is also high, because Indonesia has enormous market with a population of around 250 million people with incomes above $ 1000 and has been a pillar for economic revival. Indonesian society has been known as a people who love to shop. Growth rate of investment in the manufacturing sector should continue to be supported by the government of Indonesia, this is a golden opportunity not to be missed, because of the growth of the manufacturing sector investment is expected to continue to grow and grow because of the new capital received and modernization of equipment to buy new tools that are useful to increase labor productivity.

The government should also continue dialogue with the unions, and to be able to compromise with the workers, was conducted to work together to develop the manufacturing sector. Still have decent wages but also have improved the bureaucracy and streamlined, as this will drive the economy. If labor is not feasible and inefficient bureaucracy is happening is a failure to move the wheels of the economy, labor productivity will continue while the demo will stop working, slow bureaucracy works then there is a high economic cost. It is time for the government and private sector dialogue and work together to find a solution how to improve the competitiveness of Indonesian products in the world market. This must be done to improve export performance, power train regularly educated, looking for new markets to sell Indonesian products in the world market.

Growth of the manufacturing sector to help the government to open a lot of new jobs, which annually educates power generated from both educational institutions and universities. This is an opportunity and a chance for the government to utilize their productivity at work to produce a masterpiece and will have a direct impact to the economic growth. Indonesia a lot of educated young people, they have a great motivation to work and work. It should not be wasted by the government and private sectors.

The development of the manufacturing sector also requires better coordination between central and local governments, the purpose is so that no overlapping rules that will make the chaotic manufacturing sector. But the thing to note is that local governments must also consider the readiness of the infrastructure is good. Good infrastructure will create a good business climate and manufacturing sectors require it. Licensing process should be easy, should be more professional bureaucracy, because it involves long-term planning and should not be made lightly or carelessly resulting policy so long as the money comes in, but the quality is not at all supportive infrastructure to develop the manufacturing sector and this will lead to high economic costs, thus resulting product will be expensive.

The private sector also has an important role in building areas, the central government and local governments can work together to create a joint coordination, the development of the manufacturing sector in the area, this is an important and urgent step, so the area was also able to build and improve the quality of life its people. Of developing the vocational training centers in collaboration with the private sector can be a good synergy to produce an educated workforce for the region, so there is investment in education to develop quality human resources.

Growth in the manufacturing sector will create huge profits for the State of Indonesia:

1. Employment for young people whose age is still productive.

2. Quality of economic growth because it is supported by the industry.

3. The number of local and foreign investment that will go to Indonesia, so it will create the growth of the manufacturing sector.

Quality of economic growth, supported by the manufacturing sector will create strong economic foundation, so it will be easier for the government to adopt policies in the future. Growth in the manufacturing sector is growing a quality, stable and will be seen in the long-term results. The manufacturing sector will also create the position of Indonesia will be stronger in trade international. Therefore, long-term planning, to research innovations, and adding educated workforce is the main thing to create long-term competitiveness.


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