Powerful Marketer Is Born or Made? By Septo Indarto (Team Double S)

15 Jan

Powerful Marketer Is Born or Made?
By Septo Indarto (Team Double S)

The title is almost identical to the discussion of the theory of Leadership “Is a great leader born or made by its environment? This is tantamount to an old question, but until recently psychologists, management, and leadership still seeking answers to this. A study conducted by Steve Martin (August 29, 2011) at the Harvard Business Review concluded that 70% of a successful Marketer who has the talent it has been since birth and 30% of successful marketers learn to own them without getting nature from birth. But it can be changed in the way of view. Even though one does not have a born talent since he was still able to learn the science of marketing from a source that comes from reading books, magazines, and internet, but they take time and be ready to fail to achieve success.
A Marketer must also be able to use language as possible when was giving explanations to the consumer. It was important that consumers feel comfortable listening to your explanation. A Marketer has been prepared by the company to get training on the products to be sold but that must be considered is to explain a product in an interesting conversation and not boring and it must be observed by a Marketer as an ability to communicate. The key is you have to frequently practice at all times and managed to find topics of interest to start a conversation while promoting your products will sell. A good language skills is a very vital as a way you can communicate well.
A simple example is when we meet with a doctor to check our health. The doctor will explain with an easy and understandable language regarding your medical condition. You as a patient would want to know about the health of ourselves And, the conversation will go with the draw so you feel satisfied with the explanation that the doctor has examined your health. It’s called Marketing is the ability to explain information in a precise, clear and attractive. The language is difficult to explain in an easy way. The key you have to keep a lot of reading to add new vocabulary.
You have to dare to meet more people and interact with them and can learn about new insights from others and it will add to your experience as a Marketer. Met many people from different backgrounds is a rich experience for yourself because you will recognize a variety of people and you learn to direct their psychological. And it will help you prepare an appropriate strategy regarding the promotion of your ability.
Experience is a good teacher and will make you more smart and intelligent. Since you will experience the process failed and successful, it will make you continue to evaluate your work and you will continue to learn to prepare a better sales strategy. A Marketer must learn about the past and continue to learn from mistakes made in the past. Experience will provide a force for yourself, so you are better prepared to face the future.
Nicole Kidman and Julia Roberts is a good Marketer for themselves. They have the ability to communicate and act in any movie titles that they play a movie player is a Marketer. A good film will be watched by audiences in large numbers because it has an interesting story and the acting abilities of the players a good movie. Every story movie film requires the players to play their role as good as possible. Acting skills are an absolute must because it will increase their branding image as a movie player. Traffic for each role in playing a role in the film is the key. It’s not an easy task because it requires a highly motivated and learn continuously. The quality of a film is determined by the content of the story and the acting abilities of the cast film.
The bottom line is a Marketer must be able to deal with a variety of situations while promoting products to prospective buyers. If a Marketer only knew about the sales cycle then he will fail. Sales cycle is an idea of how many products sold in the market. Good communication skills, able to adapt, and see the market demand is the key to selling.
Marketers are reliable whether born or created, the answer is: Whatever your profession, you are a Marketer for yourself. While competence is a selling point. The ability to sell yourself as a professional ability is tantamount to sell a product.


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