In the Marketing Strategies for the Future Consumers More Choosing Features Not prestige Septo Indarto (Team Double S)

15 Jan

In the Marketing Strategies for the Future Consumers

More Choosing Features Not prestige

Septo Indarto (Team Double S)


Forget how to get consumers to buy goods as a prestige, this method is not effective at this time, consumers will be more intelligent because consumers will buy the goods in accordance with the features needed, spending money means buying quality to enhance productivity, market trends is indeed made by South Korean companies that offer the features of a product that has now become the standard of customer satisfaction.

In Asia, two well-known brand that is Samsung and Apple, because for the second consumer branding gives many advantages to increase productivity. Samsung and Apple’s competition with competitive soccer club Manchester United to Manchester City in seizing the throne of England premier league football, Samsung and Apple are equally strong influence in the Asian market and each one branding it has a strong community as fans of both branding it, namely Samsung and Apple.

You can learn from the modern city of Dubai, how a town and fishing port in the past is now a business and tourist destination city of the world, once people get to know the city of Dubai as a producer of fine pearls and the best, but that mindset has changed, you been to Dubai means You want to see the building of Al Burj as a marvel of 21st century technology, Dubai also offers a world-class venue with a futuristic technology, the city was built by long-term thinking and look at business opportunities in the future.

For people who’ve been to Dubai and see the Burj Al Khalifa, this was a very memorable experience.

This building was designed by Skidmore, Owings and Merrill of Chicago, with Adrian Smith as chief structural engineer, and Bill Baker as chief structural engineer, while the contractor was Samsung C & T of South Korea. The building is designed as one of the most luxurious buildings in the world, the technology that is used describe technological advances of the 21st century, the tourists would like to visit Dubai for tourism because they want to see the advantages of the city.

Advances in technology have helped the progress of marketing, we offer many ways to the 1001 strategy, campaign 1001, 1001 draft. We are not in the conventional world of today, when the world was united, exchange ideas happen everywhere, how we view the world, how we look at life with wealth, the extent to which we see our work through our work, we live where life continues running adjust with time running.

In the era of the 1990s and rebook shoe company Nike branding is the most favored by lovers of sports and youth for style, quality and style Nike symbolizes America, while Reebok symbolizes the quality and style of the UK, two competed, but in 2000-an Nike makes many people surprised by the entry into the UK market and the UK sponsored several local clubs for costumes and Jersey, Nike sport trying to understand the culture of British society, creating a design that appeals to the UK market, using local advertising for Nike to promote the spirit of the British public, Nike wins the battle.

In 2000, Nike competes with Adidas, Adidas emerged as a new global power that previously survived on the European market, Adidas bought Reebok, as a business strategy in the sale of sports shoes, Adidas and Nike to compete in almost all lines, Adidas manufactures products that support fitness activities ranging from dress to sport Deodorant, Nike is also doing the same thing. Compete and continue to compete. Adidas contract stars of world-class sports, Nike also. Competition has not been completed to date.


Nike tried to use the concept of Going Green, footwear products and sports products can be recycled, Adidas also did the same thing. Adidas then ventured a sponsor for an international sport and continues to develop innovative products of the future, but Nike did not want to lose their branding position in an international sporting event, the competition for influence to be the best going anywhere.

Today many people choose gadgets based on Android because of the convenience and necessity, gadgets non Android-based start trouble selling the products offered even if the product is considered a luxury, because people prefer not prestige features, Android offers the features needed by the people in accordance with her wishes. Google as the creator of the Android OS to see the needs of consumers about the gadgets, not just another gadget for communication and lifestyle, but its extent can increase your productivity.

Currently consumers more aware of the various kinds of products because they saw the videos on social networks and internet forums. You Tube is a social media become the main reference. To find all the products, consumers can become loyal and express themselves with branding if they like it, but if it is then the product of a branding late to bring new products according to the demands of the consumer, then the consumer would have left and throw it away.

Customer relations with an increasingly complex branding, they think that branding is not just to buy it, the consumer if a product would have liked to have thought and have emotional ties, socialite women in big cities are very proud of the clothes and accessories worn in formal and informal meetings. Because they use branding represents their personality, so have a look yourself, you can see it in the movie Sex and the city, that particular fashion branding as a tool of self-expression.

Consumers are now much more intelligent than what his companies. Consumers can refuse en masse if the products offered are not fulfilling their wishes, although the marketing team of the company has made an interesting advertisements, public relations sent to every place, but if your product is not received, the better the company withdrew the product and create new products.

Product branding tells about an experience. Consumers will be satisfied that the products they buy and use provide more value to its user as an amazing experience. Starbucks Café offers an experience, this is true only café sells a variety of coffee and flavored coffee to drink, but most of people want to come to a Starbucks café is for three things: the style, the atmosphere is relaxed, the music. Starbucks offers an eye-catching interior style, relaxed atmosphere to drink and eat while talking about business and confide, listen to music, mostly jazz standards relaxed to calm the mind.

According to business strategist Douglas Atkin in his book The Culting of Brand wrote: Those consumers attract new members, consumers would discuss it with your brand, building a website or a blog, attend events organized by the company, and proudly introduced himself as a follower, no one is paying them. They are the owners and the customers as well as loyal customers who have felt an emotional bond as an exceptional experience in using the products she likes.

The fashion world today is a world of art, supported by a broader marketing no market segmentation to reach customers, this is a marketing strategy to get closer to the fashion designers and the community that the fashion world in the past known as the elite has changed the face more embracing to all levels of society.

World fashion utilizing the internet to reach out to new customers as well as the results of the work of the more daring but pleasing to the eye, this time the designers utilize the catwalk in the digital world for the exhibition so that everyone can see it through your computer or gadget that you have. Making it easier for anyone to see without being limited by space and time, whenever you have time to see the fashion show performance anywhere according to your will.

Currently many designers who promote their works via streaming video on the internet. Branding of British Burberry fashion show even did a performance with three-dimensional hologram technology, the designers use technology to facilitate market access to the market, so consumers can instantly see their works.

The designers see a change in the world of marketing, the internet is a medium of digital technology that is easily accessible by anyone and has been supported by broadband technology, so the catwalk events via video streaming is a great opportunity to create a digital fashion show.

According to the Editor-in-Chief of fashion magazine Non-no Japanese fashion Yoshiharu Koshizaki first started from a three-dimensional format film Avatar, it turns out this technology provides new benefits to the fashion world, starting in 2010, the fashion world utilizing three-dimensional technology to stage fashion show through video streaming.

3-D TV format and Gadgets that have the ability to display movies that are in 3-D is helpful for consumers to see the performance of 3-dimensional fashion through video streaming. Gadgets like/such as  smartphones LG Optimus already has the ability to see the videos with the 3-D format. Is 3-D format will also be a standard video on the Internet? This is what we wait for its development.

HD Video HD video and 3-D format requires a network of broadband (high speed) in order to display images without a pause. Movie picture quality on the Internet will continue to increase sharpness, the future is set up picture quality will be sharp and clear, Internet users will be overwhelmed by the latest graphic technologies from the development of visual technologies, therefore that must be considered is the ability of your graphics card in Standard capacity to see the movie if you use Intel video graphics card, AMD, Nvidia. It was to be considered.

One of the advantages of digital fashion is quickly they can deliver their work as a form of promotion to the consumer, the price of the product sold, so that everyone can understand it without having to go to a fashion show. Is technology going to replace everything? The answer is no, people are lovers of fashion will always come to the fashion show and sat near the catwalk, but the digital fashion show to provide information to consumers to understand more about fashion, before they came and sat near the catwalk.

Digital fashion show not only help the designers to continue to work, they have opened a window without borders to prospective buyers of new fashion, the fashion world is a world that can be enjoyed by anyone, could be explored without limit, this is a creative industry that can create jobs in large numbers, where creative people will always work creatively to create a unique product, in contrast, is seen by everyone so that the market segmentation is not only a lover of fashion but non fashion lovers can see and feel it.


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