Understanding Success in Marketing By Septo Indarto

14 Jan

Understanding Success in Marketing 
By Septo Indarto 

Understanding success in marketing is the dream for all marketers. Options there are two, namely: How is the sale of products in accordance with the targets and how to sell products above target. If we can make sales above target means that we are good and successful marketers. Secrets of marketers who can sell the products above the target was such a market observer, he was not home selling, he was not bored undergoing training on marketing, dare sell different products, has a customer loyalty and think into the future. Can be regarded as a drafter of marketing for themselves and also can provide motivation to himself and another person. 
Steve Jobs and Jack Welch meets all about it. In the field of marketing is how the two men were able to create sales of products on the market with success. Apple Computer and General Electric are innovators and have a unique branding value because tirelessly continue to perform the steps in the work culture. General Electric Company is a history, because this company has a long life and has had outstanding achievements in the development of technological and cultural revolution of work by Jack Welch. Apple Computer is the emblem of the New Age Generation is entering the digital generation because of its development in computer graphics technology, exceptional. 
Air Bus and Boeing are the two aircraft manufacturers are icons for the world of aviation technology. Two brand offers quality is quite good and has brought great changes in the development of aviation technology. Air Bus and Boeing both competing in the sale of aircraft around the world. But both Air Bus and Boeing both have managed to read about trends in aviation and continues to conduct a campaign to sell the planes in accordance with the needs in each country. 
Currently, the best thing done by a marketer is to create customer loyalty in that market trends have changed rapidly. It would need sales techniques and customer service techniques. The best way is to follow the training and combined with personal experience in the field. We can also learn from the fashion company, where they have a rabid fan because customers have been so confident. Maintaining and creating loyalty to wear a product in a certain time is not easy work. This requires the trust of consumers towards the use of a product. 
In England, soccer club Manchester United has a customer loyalty that is the supporters who also came from other countries. Manchester United under manager Sir Alex Ferguson has brought many changes in the English league. Manchester United is a branding of a football club. This is a remarkable achievement given by the coach Sir Alex Ferguson. 



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