Cosmetics company Avon and Business in Social Media Septo Indarto (Team Double S)

14 Jan

Cosmetics company Avon and Business in Social Media
Septo Indarto (Team Double S)

Companies engaged in the field of cosmetics continue to expand their marketing network through social media networks to continue to expand the market. Social media network is believed to create an emotional attachment between companies and users of cosmetic products. Social media has created a new marketing system that could involve between businesses and consumers in two-way communication network which can expand the marketing and product innovation. Consumers can provide positive inputs that builds to assess the quality of a product manufactured and marketed by the company.
American cosmetics company Avon Products Inc. famous using social media networks, especially Facebook to promote their products worldwide, Avon has had a huge market in several States which is around more than 140 countries worldwide. The company produces clothing, perfume, jewelry and cosmetics as their core business. Since the era of the 1960’s Avon using marketing multi level marketing as a marketing tool known as Avon Girl. But the company is also ready to adapt to the changing era to the era of digital marketing to stay focused to develop branding and develop innovative products ready to be marketed worldwide.
The company produces well-known brands such as Avon Color, Anew, Mark, Avon Natural, Advance Techniques, Skin-Soft. Avon is a cosmetics company that has become an American legend branding, now Avon continues to develop marketing in the new countries that have rapid economic growth, such as China and Russia. Avon continues to develop global branding throughout the world to continue to strengthen their position marker in the world of cosmetics and fashion.
Avon uses facebook page and group to promote their products to be launched to the market. Avon is tagging many posters are beautiful and nice to show to consumers on their facebook page as well as photographs of models are tagged .Avon so will many visitors to go to their facebook page.
Design posters and photographs that might be displayed in attractive designs with beautiful colors and bright. This is to show that this company is a company engaged in the beauty and fashion world.
Avon continued to up to date information of their products in the Wall, so that consumers are informed about the new products that will be launched soon by Avon. Some information is also displayed in the form of excerpts parts, consumers can also click the Note section to read full information about Avon products. There is also a link that will redirect to the Avon official web site, so that consumers can read a much more complete information regarding the details of the products are launched.


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