I’m A Carrier Changes Septo Indarto (Team Double S)

13 Jan

I’m A Carrier Changes 
Septo Indarto (Team Double S)

Like the classic words that we often hear: Do not ever feel comfortable with the Comfort Zone. If you feel comfortable will result in: 
1. You are the people who are ready to lose to face the future. 
2. You have to turn off your creative potential. 
3. You people who have mentally feeble in the face of competition. 
Time will continue running. It must be remembered: The life of mankind will always be more advanced than previous life. Humans are never satisfied about the things that have been produced. Man has the intellectual. Humans will always see the future with always ask him: What can I do in the future? 
But there is one thing you should believe in yourself: I am a bearer of great change. 
In the history, great people live because it is always sure of his ideals. World civilization was built by great people who have the vision (vision) and Mission (Action to be performed). 
We as human beings in the modern era, have to create it-ha which can be useful to others. We create works that we make and we give to our environment. Because we believe: I am a bearer of great change, for my neighborhood because my works can help to change the environment for the better. 
I always learn from General Electric (GE). The company has the strength and incredible motivation to improve about the quality. GE under Jack Welch’s leadership is an organizational revolution that brought a big change for the organization. Changes to improve the quality yourself by changing the working culture to continue to work hard and are not satisfied to do things. This gives a spirit that is motivation to keep learning. 
Motivation is an extraordinary action to continue working without interruption. Any individual who has the motivation will never cease to learn. Motivation is an effort to improve the quality of self. 
As for all those who have the vision and mission into the future always say the revolution is the leadership’s call for all those who work to improve the civilized world into a better direction, these individuals want to continue working, if you want to change the life of the surrounding neighborhood, setting up a company greatly contribute to create jobs and improve the country’s economic growth. Establish a charitable organization in the field of education and training for work and there are many other examples of action. 
For all it takes a bold stance and mentally tough. Revolution for people who have great ideas that are daring to create a brilliant idea and shape it in action so that the environmental  will feel it. We must dare to act to make changes and bring positive energy to the environment. 



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