A Flying Dutch Man in Manchester United By Septo Indarto (Team Double S)

12 Jan

A Flying Dutch Man in Manchester United

By Septo Indarto (Team Double S)

For Manchester United, Ruud Van Niestroy and Robin Van Persie are two of the best Dutch players ever owned, both players were in the early days of joining Manchester United directly tremendous influence as well as contribution for every victory gained from every game. This is a great moment for the reach of primary English league champions in a very tight and difficult.

Currently, Manchester United have Robin Van Persie as a striker after it was bought from Arsenal, Robin Van Persie has incredible talent, an instinct for scoring goals in an injury-time (time to end) was incredible, he is the best striker that is owned by the Dutch , after Marco Van Basten and Dennis Berkamp. Robin Van Persie is currently a decisive player for Manchester United’s win in every game and the championship. He along with Wayne Rooney can provide tremendous effect attacks to the opposing goal, there is also Chicarito which doubles as a substitute which can bring the magic goal in every game.

Sir Alex Ferguson’s desire to bring the Manchester United won the English premier league can be realized, which is owned squad is one of the best in the squad, the young players have good skills to compete in every game. This is an opportunity for Manchester United to be champions of primary English track. Currently attack by Manchester United also more varied to be able to score against opponents both home games in the match and away games.

Sir Alex Ferguson said: We do not just have a good player and has great skill but the important thing is to have a winning mentality. This is more important. Mental champion is always a confidence to perform well in every game and be able to perform well in the face of all kinds of pressure in every game. This is not an easy job but need the time, Manchester United have to show it as one of the best teams not only in the league but also in the world.

Robin Van Persie is a Dutch player who would later become a legend at Old Trafford. Manchester United have had a lot of legends that are part of the history of world football, like Bryan Robson, Eric Cantona, Paul Ince, George Best etc. But it is important for Sir Alex Ferguson to prepare the best team every time with a long-term vision, self improvement, winning mentality, the right strategy to be implemented in every game that Manchester United were able to achieve victory in every game.

Generation created by Sir Alex Ferguson is the best generation of players at the club since he Manchester United since joining in 1986. He began to make many changes at Manchester United by buying Steve Bruce, Viv Anderson and goalkeeper Jim Leigthon, not long before Mark Hughes bought the club Barcelona, ​​little by little, Sir Alex Ferguson began to restore the glory of Manchester United.

Currently, Manchester United is one of the best clubs in the world and are supported by a team of capable marketing campaign. This club has a strong branding in the region of Europe and Asia. Having a loyal audience wherever they are member of Manchester United supporters who support the members a great support to his team in order to win the game.


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