21st Century Economic Development Part II Septo Indarto (Team Double S)

9 Nov

21st Century Economic Development
Part II
Septo Indarto (Team Double S)

Economic development of every country is vital, the main goal of economic development is to improve the welfare of the people, the people have a job to earn money to improve the quality of life now and in the future. 21st century economic development supported by the development of information technology, the provision of computers, smartphones, tablet PCs, etc. is a tool to support the mobile economy, everyone today uses information technology to support their work, because the world now depend on each other. The world is a place where billions of human beings connect, communicate, to exchange ideas, create opportunities for a better economy. Currently there is no single country in the world to be able to stand alone single player economy, economic activity is running and running in the distribution of wealth on a global scale, ready to win State and the State is not prepared to lose, and it is a law of nature.
But economic development is not always a success to raise the prosperity of society, when we feel proud of the high economic growth rates, but on the other hand still lives in poverty, the social realities must be addressed with actions that can be a solution and not just look at the statistics-numbers figures showing high economic growth, high unemployment but on the other hand, have little access to health standards, hunger everywhere, many children are not in school, and people were unable to get access to clean water. These are all big issues, the State must act, act immediately otherwise the problem will be more complicated.
Kaushik Basu and Eric Maskin, Nobel Laureate in Economics 2007, looking at the economic disparity can create new economic problems. The point is a measure of economic growth is only seen from the gross domestic product and economic growth eliminate the reality of economic inequality in the society and only in terms of the amount of revenue this means economic growth did not see the benefits of development on human welfare. Relying GDP will not solve the problem disparities widened despite high economic growth.
Economic growth can be felt when people can live prosperous, the economy is running normally and everyone can benefit from the distribution of economic activity undertaken. SME can be a strategic partner for major industries, so as to increase the total volume of production capacity coupled with increased product quality, the community can be involved in the activity of SMEs. Of developing the human resource should be done, but the most important thing in preparation of developing the human resource is food security, people can not work and learn when hungry, it is impossible, if the needs of the food consumed by the amount of nutrients that are good for the education and training of developing the human resources to do . Everyone should be given the freedom of expression that is responsible, that is, free to deliver freedom of politics, free to choose the work match your interests and skills, free business activity to increase prosperity. It is for human nature. State shall provide facilities to it.
Globalization actually is seen from two sides, the first side and the second side is the opportunity is a challenge, China-South Korea-India see globalization as an opportunity to be the best country in the industrial technology innovation that can enhance the prosperity of its people, increase the export capacity of the State so that they are known as branding creator, increase bargaining power in international relations. The second side is a challenge, many countries in the world that is actually lost and confused about globalization, economics and infrastructure because of its very low quality of human resources, so that these countries can not afford to see a great potential of globalization.
Professor Muhammad Yunus in Bangladesh is an example of an innovative movement founded Greemen Bank to build a women’s empowerment to build a small to medium enterprises. This is a good step creates independence of women and can sustain family life, that will create prosperity in stages, small-scale economic development must be built gradually over time will create major changes in the economic growth of a country. The State shall provide fair opportunity to gain access to capital for business activities. Basically everyone is a creative man, the biggest problem is they are hard to get access sufficient capital for business activities. These efforts will promote the local business area. Low taxation, ease of doing business and access to marketing it all had to be considered, should not be overlooked. Each State shall establish a community of creative people to become self-sufficient society.
In economic globalization, we see and take action market economic activity on a global scale, any individual or company should benefit from any product or service marketed on a global scale, gain is normal because we are in business and business goals is to get profit, but that remains to be seen is that every country should be able to keep an eye on market mechanisms do not there is fraud and the theft of fake transactions and financial statements made up to cover losses, enforcement remains to be seen, for the players who ignore ethics, this is the must be aware always present and the future. Hence why international institutions such as the WTO stands, the goal is as a referee if there is fraud and unjust actions in world trade. World trade involving all countries of the world, therefore it is necessary that regulatory agencies have rules that by every country in the world.


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