The Rich People in Asia (China-India-Indonesia) Septo Indarto (Team Double S)

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The Rich People in Asia (China-India-Indonesia)
Septo Indarto (Team Double S)

Asia is currently listed himself as an economic region’s most advanced and promising in terms of growth. Although the world is hit by the economic crisis, the region continues at high speed. Technological innovation to support economic growth is the key to a successful economy supported by rising Asian middle class that have a higher education, this is the progress made by the region in the next ten years and will continue to years. In the annual survey of High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) conducted by a Swiss private bank, Julius Baer, in 2015, Asia will be occupied 2.67 million people super rich with wealth of $ 16.7 trillion total. Indonesia, China, India are countries that produce the rich Asia people.
Currently, Indonesia is a country that produces the highest super-rich people in Asia, reaching 25%, this is due to the Indonesian business environment that continues to thrive. Even Indonesia’s economy will continue to rise significantly as Indonesia will implement a policy of large-scale industry to meet domestic demand and overseas.
China’s growth is supported by the rich business activities. China’s economic growth of 8-9% per year on an ongoing basis will create the new super rich people in China.
India, the growth of the rich in India are supported by the displacement of jobs from agriculture and infrastructure improvements. The ability of India in the development of high technology in the field of computer research and health research is also remarkable.

World Ultra Report 2012-2013:
Indonesia has the super-rich with wealth of $ 120 billion with the number of 785 people.
India has the super-rich with wealth of $ 925 billion with the number 7.730.
China has the super-rich with wealth of $ 1.58 trillion by the number of 11. 245 people.
The growth of rich people in Asia, supported by the three countries, namely China, India, Indonesia. Third country has a large population and a large population is still young and productive. China supported by economic activity, India is supported by infrastructure improvements, Indonesia supported by stable economic growth.
Doing business in China inhabited by the super-rich, especially in the three cities, namely Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzen. Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Chengdu delivered many super rich people new.
In the future. Asian countries will be a major role in global trade activity supported large-scale technological innovations that will support economic growth in Asia and around the world. In essence all countries in the region to compete globally to be the best in the field of economics and the application of technological innovation to the industry. East Asia and Southeast Asia is a region of highly dynamic and innovative in the development of the industry in Asia and the world.


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