What Makes a Manager Can Achievement? Septo Indarto (Double Team)

8 Mei

What Makes a Manager Can Achievement?
Septo Indarto (Double Team)

The courage of a leader is the courage to act that is innovative, have a major impact on a major change when the wheel of life continues to change. We must walk a step ahead to 1000 … we think should by 1000 the idea of change … We are acting with the 1000 action … The world today needs people who dare to make changes when we all face complex problems. The 21st century is the century .. change … And every leader should make 1000 a way to create change when people require major changes in his life to creating a new change.
Septo (Team Double S)-Leadership in megatrend.
A very important question: What makes a manager can achieve? In the 21st century workplace culture factors that make a manager can achieve is to have a solid team work, cultural openness, and always had a vision towards the future as we go along.
A solid team work is needed a manager when the competition is very competitive with each other. Work teams should be able to translate the vision that comes from a Manager in any situation. Change strategies to improve performance will often be done by a Manager and Team Work must be able to translate it in a policy to create a better work culture. Example of the Manager should create technology investments to improve the work efficiency of employees. Work teams should be able to collect information on the right technology investments to business needs. Then conducted training for employees. Technology investments can improve the performance of the company to 25% with higher productivity. Of the 2000s, when the Internet became a new way to create and launch a new marketing strategy, the Manager shall focus with the development of e-commerce and provides training for marketers to learn about marketing on the internet that their profession later known as the Internet Marketer.
Culture of openness is a form of corporate responsibility for doing business with ethics and morals. Honesty is the foundation for their work and establish a solid Team Work. Manager should provide a good example of a culture of openness. So that men can follow their superiors to act in full transparency and honesty. Also improve the quality of self-honesty, in whatever situation we will continue to act honestly and it is a good moral foundation.
Vision of the future, every company must have a vision of the future. Creating a vision of the future can be done by strengthening the intellectual capital. Because intellectual capital is the capital to compete, survive, and create the power to beat the competition.
Amazon.com standing in Manhattan by Jeff Bezos is the most innovative company in the online bookstore market competition. Amazon is an online store that not only sells books, but also sell DVD movies, music CDs, video games, and computer software. Originally a kind of shops are very much in the same business, but Amazon.com created the first online market internet sales strategy. Market capitalization (2011) of USD 75.8 billion and employs approximately 33 700 employees employees. The key is always to ask Jeff Bezos Amazon.com candidates to mention about what ever they find, such as: new product features, technology to be used, the experience of interacting with customers. It all is a form of innovation.
In 2002, Amazon.com launched a web service, the company is willing to invest resources in innovation into a new business. In five years the site has become a web service that t seventh in the world. At the end of a year 2007, Amazon.com had established Lab126, which produces e-book reader Kindle as a medium for reading digital books.Amazon.com although it could be regarded as an e-store, but continued to conduct business transformation and innovation of technology-based products. Amazon.com continues to support research activities for development of new products to provide choice to consumers, so they created the service varies. Amazon.com continues to develop and build new businesses to keep their customers and find new customers.Amazon.com will continue to transform the new business, new business model innovation, look at future technology trends and created according to the needs of consumers.

Harvard Business School Press, published a book called The Innovator’s DNA, is explained in the book about how companies exploit new ideas to develop products and services that can generate new business is growing dynamically and profitably. Does the manager have to have The Innovator’s DNA in him? Yes, they should have it. This is due to the business world is a dynamic world, the old ways will soon be replaced by new ways. Larry Page and Sergey Brain (Google), Bill Gates (Microsoft), and Steve Jobs (Apple) is the Manager of The Innovator’s DNA had since they were young. They are never satisfied with the work they have created. They are always thinking and designing their works in the future, is used by many people in the future, and look at the direction of future technological developments. To the Manager who has The Innovator’s DNA in him. Innovation is not just a new discovery of a brilliant ideas. Innovation can also be lifted branding to more widely known when the competition is getting harder and tighter.
Innovations made by Steve Jobs to make Apple a branding of the most valuable in the world of technology and industrial technology. When people mention Apple’s name means high quality products. According to marketing experts Mohan Sawhney Apple key to success is to focus on branding. Branding is not just selling a name, but also the strength of the intellectual property of Apple employees. Apple not only provides its own design gadgets that Apple standards. Steve Jobs and Apple has always had the imagination to be a place for imagination to realize that to become a reality. Steve Jobs is one of the people who represent people who have life-century innovators in the 21st century.

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