American democracy from Time to Time Septo Indarto (Team Double S) Leadership in Government

28 Apr

American democracy from Time to Time
Septo Indarto (Team Double S)
Leadership in Government

Journey of American democracy in its development is heavily influenced by mass media, at the beginning of its development is strongly influenced by the newspaper to express an opinion, the newspaper is a very powerful tool for creating voters and political communication through the campaign. The mass media often referred to as the fourth pillar of American democracy, because the mass media is the guardian of democracy. In 1920, when radio became a mass communication tool, then the politicians and parties use radio communication equipment for campaign activities. Radio became a practical communication tool that can reach a wider in cities and villages. With the radio, the American democracy posed a new spirit in creating a democracy, political communication is done through political broadcasts, the politicians spoke on the radio to explain its programs. Radio is also used to broadcast political news all over the country, so people know what is going on in the political process, especially in the capital city of Washington DC as the central government.
Radio also began to be used by American presidents to deliver a speech state, the government program, and also as a political tool to strengthen the president’s image in the eyes of its people. Even the radio as a powerful means of communication media when America was experiencing problems in the economic recession of the 1920s, then World War II, radio is used as a campaign tool to gather volunteers to want to perform compulsory military service for the unity of the nation and the State.
In the 1930’s when television became a popular medium for national news broadcasts and entertainment, the development of the American political system leads to a more advanced. The voters know the faces of the politicians who expressed their political programs through politicians. In America there are three of the largest television news as a supplier to the rest of the State, namely NBC (National Broadcasting Company), ABC (American Broadcasting Company), CBS (Columbian Broadcasting Company).
CNN (Cable News Network), based in Atlanta, is the largest privately held media as a supplier of TV news. CNN for over 20 years has become a center for the development of American political news, because it focuses on a TV news for 24 hours. But now CNN has become the biggest news in the world, almost the entire chain of hotels around the world become a customer to supply news for hotel guests.
The Internet has become the most widely used media as a campaign tool of the current American politicians. Internet can combine text and video information and communications web 2.0, so that political communication can be more easily used to be more closer to the voters. The young generation is the generation that made the main focus of politicians, because they are the generation that uses technology gadgets, they are accessing information from the iPad, iPhone, Smartphone, PC, Tablet PC. Internet a lot to offer convenience with low operating costs and take more information content can be determined, what the politicians want delivered to their constituents. The development of the internet is also supported by the Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc.. This is a pretty powerful medium for disseminating information, especially information in both directions, the politicians can write about the program while voters may provide feedback or constructive criticism to the politicians concerned.


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