Problems in East Asia and Business Activities (Leadership in Government) Septo Indarto (Team Double S)

10 Apr

Problems in East Asia and Business Activities
(Leadership in Government)
Septo Indarto (Team Double S)

East Asia is currently the region’s fastest economic growth than Europe and the Americas. But East Asia has the potential military conflicts that occur at any time. East Asia consists of China, Japan, South Korea, North Korea and Taiwan. Countries it is a powerful country in technological innovation. America has a growing business in the region, American companies need a supply of raw materials from the technology industry, the East Asia Region. The European Union has invested set up modern factories in China for global expansion. Australia supplies of meat and milk to East Asia. The conclusion to be studied from various viewpoints is East Asia is the region’s most dynamic economic growth.
But that became a big issue is when North Korea suddenly launched a nuclear weapons test. This will create panic and fear all around the world. For the business community of the world, this is a major disaster that could disrupt business activity. All parties will be harmed not only East Asia but Europe and the Americas region will also suffer huge losses in trade and industry.
North Korea has a powerful military weapon. Need to be approached in a subtle way and should be invited to dialogue. North Korea has nuclear plants, uranium enrichment facilities and launch long-range missiles and has also successfully launched a rocket carrying a satellite into orbit. Ability of its armed forces one to be feared in the face of the earth. Consistent diplomacy is one solution that can be applied today to make North Korea to negotiate for peace in East Asia.
Peace in East Asia must be maintained by all parties. Because East Asia is at the heart of the world for technological innovations that are exported worldwide. It is not easy to apply but it is a necessity that must be fought. For over 20 years, East Asia has created many technology innovations, and then sold all over the world. This area has a high work culture in the field of industry, commerce and economics.
China, South Korea, North Korea, Japan, Taiwan, U.S. and EU have essentially the same one that hopes for peace in the region, so that business activity is not interrupted because East Asia is a dynamic region.


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