Green Product for Customer Septo Indarto (Team Double S)

9 Apr

Green Product for Customer
Septo Indarto (Team Double S)

Why green product is needed to buy?
Green product is made by recycle process and it’s very good save our planet.
A company needs to educate the buyers to consume the green product for reducing consumption.
Today marketing concept should teach on how to use the green product for customers.
The recycle products are made being a new product. It’s important and we do not use new any new material to create a new product for selling. It’s enough to use recycle product and it will be make more efficient.
Philips Kotler says that now we should explain about collaborative marketing concept when the customer’s needs and the producer’s needs meet together. It means the producer is involving the customer in creating product process.
The green product is going to be the standard of industry. We need to use many products that are very so friendly with nature. Green concept is a way how we are so caring our environment.
Buying the green product it means you are really very care about the global warming problem and it’s very smart choice for you as the user product to understand on the saving our planet.
Collaboration is a good way in the next stepping between a company and a customer together is created a good product.
Co-created experiences are a key. The involving of the customers to create a better product is a good marketing strategy.
In collaboration marketing customer becomes active buyer; they can give some ideas about the product. It’s an obligation for a company to translate of the customer’s ideas in a product will be made soon. Market is a forum to discuss and to market a product.
A company does active to create direct interaction with customers and asking what the customers are wants to buy a product?


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