Build Positive Character when in Working (Septo Indarto- Team Double S )

9 Apr

Build Positive Character when in Working (Septo Indarto- Team Double S )

Build positive character when you’re working not only benefit ourselves but also for which we work. The positive attributes will create:
1. Sense of responsibility
2. To increase productivity ourselves
3. Honesty
4. Mutual respect for one another
Build positive character traits will also help companies where we work in improving performance. Build positive character traits is needed to be done to create a family atmosphere in improving the professionalism of job competence. Positive character will also improve the performance of Team Work for creating goals set jointly. Positive character will create a positive mental.
Build positive character is a necessity, especially to financial institutions. In financial institutions frequently instances of abuse of power, often times people who have great power which often leads to abuse of office and making a big case in terms of financial misery. Sometimes financial institutions, such as large banks seeking, recruiting, and hiring young people who are intelligent, best, and very ambitious. But sometimes forget where they are working to provide education to build positive character, so they are left free to do anything just because they are considered the best. But this is happening is very serious because there is no strict supervision, so often the case of financial scandals.
False Accounting fraud case by case Kweke Adoboli is very essential for the crimes studied by many companies that has caused UBS to lose a lot of money. It is a crime in the financial world, especially the banking sector. There should be real action to prevent it. Kweku Adoboli is a scholar in the field of e-commerce and digital business. He graduated in 2003 from the University of Nottingham, England. He got a job as an intern at UBS investment adviser in year 2006 and his career continued to climb up to the table of equity.
According to Kimberly Krawiec, a professor of law at Duke University, Durham, that the culture at UBS have to be in the fox because of the case.
There should be more stringent controlling and the company must build positive character in any work environment in each company. They must be taught how to create an honest and responsible attitude.

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