How to think about an idea Septo Indarto (Team Double S)

7 Apr

How to think about an idea
Septo Indarto (Team Double S)
In the world of business and technology world dare to run an idea to run is a courage. The idea is an idea that comes from ourselves, the idea is our weapon. The idea often becomes a deadly weapon for competitors when we become successful implementing our ideas. The idea is a great weapon.
Ken Kutaragi. Known as the godfather playstation. He is an engineer with the division and are always looking for opportunities in every opportunity. The 1970’s as a young researcher who developed the liquid crystal display projector (Liquid Crystal Display / LCD), but Sony refused to approve for production. He once created a camera with a floppy disk storage when many people are using analog camera negative film. New in 1994, when the Sony Playstation was released and successfully started its ability to be recognized. It is surprising Sony wants to get into the business of video games, but already there are three strong competitors, namely Nintendo, Sega (Japan) and Atari (USA). Currently Sony Playstation business value of more than 8 billion U.S. dollars. In the first 20 months, Sony Playstation 2 has sold over 40 million units. Sony Playstation video games is that berabi introduce three-dimensional game. While the Super Nintendo and Sega are still playing the game with a two-dimensional flagship Super Mario Brothers and Sonic.
Sony looks bleak when business compete in the global electronics market. Division of Sony Playstation Sony managed to keep the icon.
The main achievements of Ken Kutagari:
1. Managed to build branding Sony Playstation in the industry. Video Games has contributed 60% of total operating profit Sony.
2. Developed a new chip for the machine that sent the Playstation 3 network games, movies, and music via broadband networks.
Ken Kutaragi is a person who has a great idea in view the market with technological innovation. When Sony entered the video games industry are many who doubt it, because Sony assessed no experience in the world of video games. But Ken Kutaragi was determined to continue to create innovation. He sees innovation as a move to open market opportunities that will create a branding Sony continues to be on top.


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