Importance of Training Your Staff in Understanding the Consumer By Septo Indarto (Team Double S)

5 Apr

Importance of Training Your Staff in Understanding the Consumer
By Septo Indarto (Team Double S)

Prior to their employment with your company as a staff in the division of service to consumers, the companies have an obligation to train employees to understand their task as possible and implement them in accordance with applicable procedures with the aim of which is to serve customers well.
A staff working in the service department should be able to always be helpful, be polite, and have enough knowledge to make everyone feel satisfied with the services provided by them, they must learn how to behave, speak, and listen to what consumers want. Because they will say I have paid so this is my right to get the best service and the company that I pay for the services they should provide the best service to me. It seems trivial, but when the job do is not easy to implement, because we are dealing with individuals who have different backgrounds, different habits, and willingness of different.
Training in the Service Department should be done regularly, the staff should be taught also about psychology to understand the character of a person, it takes time because the practice of workplace they will meet thousands of people but it is a good thing to know their skills, whether they are capable or not to understand the desire of every person from different backgrounds, if they can afford this will bring a positive impact for the company, because the company has provided excellent service to clients / customers.
Usually, consumers always tell about the satisfaction gained when they really feel what they want already fulfilled all of them, and it can be a great promotion when they tell their friends, their families and their communities.
Listening to your customers is a common practice by staff from the service department, listening requires understanding, listening requires patience, listening requires attention. Have you ever met an insurance agent who always listens to what you want from the products offered by insurance companies? They work as marketing, but they work well as a servant for you, so that the products offered in accordance with what you want. They have met many people in offering their products, they are so patient and caring to listen to your desires and help with the knowledge that they controlled for so that you understand.
The best thing to do is when we explain about the products desired by consumers, we must explain in detail but not too long in duration, just five minutes, then we could ask them does anyone have to explain again? Therefore, staff from the service department must continue to train the way they talk, it is very important, because good communication skills is one of the key success of our service to consumers.
Staff in the service department also handles complaints not only from pre clients / customers they also serve as a marketing petrified of the marketer, it’s just that they are working behind the desk, while marketers working in the field and meet more people.


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