The World After Steve Jobs By Septo Indarto (Team Double S)

4 Apr

The World After Steve Jobs
By Septo Indarto (Team Double S)

In past era we know Albert Einstein, Thomas Alva Edison, James Watt. Isaac Newton as a great scientist and as the people who have a soul innovator who managed to change the world. World history books record their names and their achievements that give a direction to us in the course of history that we as humans can create big ideas that can have the ability to change people’s lives.
In this era we know Steve Jobs as an outstanding innovator. As a man who lives in the 21st century, we feel the works of innovation created by Steve Jobs. We see Steve Jobs talking directly about the progress of information technology. He speaks directly to us about Apple’s product development of the iMac, iPhone, iPod, iPad, and give us examples of how to use Apple products to improve the quality of our lives. Apple is a unique icon, Apple is different, Apple is the design, Apple is communication, Apple helps us to enjoy life with technology that has been developed to achieve the best level of our lives. Apple has changed the information technology industry, namely:
1. The designs are simple but luxurious.
2. Easy to use
3. Developing software to improve productivity.
Steve Jobs is an innovator who has a love of the art world. Apple is a blend of art and technology. Apple managed to combine the two and bring futuristic technologies (future technologies) for products to be sold into the market. Apple is a selection of products for people to love technology and love art. A product that was created with a simple design, but has widespread uses and is able to understand what we want. Steve Jobs of Apple product design with high artistic value, the product was created with the concept of user friendly.
Steve Jobs managed to change the world of communications technology into a modern lifestyle. Steve Jobs managed to market a Tablet Computer everyone wants to buy it, even though Microsoft has marketed these products long before the iPad made. Microsoft has worked for years developing Tablet PC technology, but failed in the competition in the market. Many people who are not interested in buying and using a Tablet PC. But when the iPad was launched, people want to buy and use the iPad to increase labor productivity and the quality of their lives. iPad by using touch screen technology in short-selling in the market including the Japanese market is also very difficult for an American in a competing product, even Microsoft’s Xbox 360 had to work hard to sell their products in Japan because they have competing hard to compete with Sony Playstation and Nintendo Wii..Japan is not a friendly place for American product, because it is very difficult to sell but Steve Jobs is able to change that and managed to make Apple’s products as an icon in Japan.


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