Windows 8 Septo Indarto (Team Double S)

3 Apr

Windows 8
Septo Indarto (Team Double S)
Windows 8 is a computer operating system that uses new technologies and new look for the user’s computer. This is the revolution of Windows after a while when introduced Windows 95. Development of customized operating systems for computer users and the development of the era. Changes in appearance and also the use of new technology is expected to accelerate the performance of computer users. Windows 8 will be used to PC, Computer Tablet, Smartphone and Lap Top. Microsoft must continue todevelop technology to innovate a computer operating system.
Windows 8 will compete against IOS (Apple-iMac) and the Linux open source technology that continues to demonstrate innovation incredible. Microsoft is still an icon for the computer operating system as evidenced by the success of Windows XP and Windows7. But Microsoft saw the future of computer technology that requires a new operatingsystem, offers a new experience, easier to use.
Windows 8 has new features that are very attractive:
A. Metro Apps.
2. Live Tile.
3. Charm Bar.
4. Windows stores
Windows 8 will also complement the support programs that will enrich the programWindows applications. Windows supported ARM processor technology and Intel. Consolcan be run on X-Box Game. Microsoft uses the concept of one for all, meaning that one operating system can run in all the equipment that is PC, Smartphone, Tablet PC, Lap Top and Consol Games.

Indonesia and Windows 8
To set up Windows 8 applications, developer of Indonesia has set up 44 applications via Windows Store. Developer Indonesia has the world known to have creative ideas. To create the technology, particularly in the application program. Indonesia will applicationdevelopers membnagun Windows 8, the program HTML 5, Java Script andC SS.


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