Apple American Innovation-Asia Technology

26 Mar

Apple American Innovation-Asia Technology
Septo Indarto (Team Double S)

All people around the world to know that Apple products are great innovations. But its components, such as the iPad is an artificial product of Asia, especially from the SouthKorean technology. Plant technology Samsung, LG and SK HynBerix is a major supplier of Apple to demand perfection of high technology to every product made.
For Samsung, Apple is a VIP customer. As more and more iPad products sold in the market, the higher the component products of high quality Samsung production purchased by Apple to produce iPad.
Apple does require the components of high quality: Flash Memory Chip with 20Nanometer supplied by Samsung Electronics. Flat screen components supplied bySamsung and LG Display. Lithiumion camera module and battery supplied by LG (LG
Innotek and LG Chem).
Even for Solid State Drive (SSD), Apple relies on Samsung for the MacBook Air. June Dong-Soon, President of Memory Chip Samsung Electronics Device Solution BusinessUnit said in response to Apple’s request, we simplify the business structure.
Even as Apple takes a glass screen, Steve Jobs visited the Foxconn factory in China to realize its ambitions. They can cut glass perfectly and sell at low prices. Statutes require that the screen just as cutting and smoothing the glass. Steve Jobs has previously appointed the company Corning Inc. in the United States, but the company is not able, because the cost is too expensive.
In the past 20 years, Asian countries continue to make technological innovation in various technology products and also create a component, then do the research for the development and ready to become suppliers of the other companies that need it.


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